Below is our list of current treatments. If you have something specific in mind that is not listed, please feel free to ask and we may be able to accommodate your request. We will be happy to explain any of our treatments in detail to help guide you in making the proper decision as to which massage is right for you.


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – The Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy is a unique combination of treatment, exercise and education designed to reduce chronic muscle tension and to promote physical health using a variety of different techniques that vary in speeds and pressures from light to deep. Focusing on chronic muscle tension and acute discomfort.
Deep Tissue Massage Rate: (45min. $75.00) (60min. $90.00) (90min. $120.00)

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY – Muscles which have been overused or injured in which trigger points can present themselves as referred pain or sensation such as a sharp dull ache, tingling, pins and needles, hot or cold. Pressure is applied 10-12 seconds, released and applied again calming the nerves which in turn releases the trigger points then releases endorphins resulting in elimination of discomfort. Trigger Point Therapy is a very effective treatment in one session.
Trigger Point Therapy: (45min. $75.00) (60min. $90.00) (90min. $120.00)

SPORTS MASSAGE – Used on athletes but very effective for any individual or weekend warrior with soft, stiff, achy or over used muscles. Massage to the soft tissues of the body with the intent of enhancing athletic performance. Stretching maybe included during treatment session. Moderate to deep pressure.
Sports Massage: (45min. $75.00) (60min. $90.00) (90min. $120.00)

SWEDISH MASSAGE – European style massage promotes relaxation, increases circulation and relieves muscle tension. Pressure may vary from light to deep.
Swedish Massage: (45min. $75.00) (60min. $90.00) (90min. $120.00)

PREGNANCY MASSAGE – This full body massage, tailored for the mother-to-be, is the perfect way to relax and prepare for childbirth. While comfortably supported on a special pillow to ease discomfort, flowing strokes stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. Not performed during the first trimester (1-13 weeks) of pregnancy.
Pregnancy Massage: (60min. $90)


6 One Hour Sessions $510.00 ( Savings $30.00)

6 One & Half-Hour Sessions $690.00 ( Savings $30.00)

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