Jen Desmond

Jen Desmond

Owner, Massage Therapist

Owner of Balance n Bodywork Massage Therapy celebrated her 13th
year in business this past March and her success is directly related to the passion she feels toward helping people relieve their muscular pain and tension. Jennifer is a certified licensed massage therapist who chose this profession after experiencing the successful results of massage therapy as a young, student athlete. “I was really involved in athletics as a teenager and I am still very active today,” says Jennifer. “When I got injured playing sports in high school and had to go to physical and massage therapy I was very impressed with how these therapies helped me. It was then that I knew what I wanted to do.”

Jennifer went to Lasell College to become a Physical Therapy Assistant and continued to focus her work on Muscular Therapy. She has continued to focus her work on the muscular therapy. “My studio is not a spa,” states Jennifer emphatically. “It truly is a therapeutic treatment with the focus on relieving pain so that the client can get back their quality of life. This therapy is a necessity, not a luxury.”

When a client comes to her studio Jennifer can see the pain they are experiencing and she is confident that she can work with a client not just through the muscular therapy but also through educating them on self-care techniques and stretching exercises they can do at home. “Our most common pain complaints usually focus around the lower back, neck, and shoulder area. I also treat a lot of elbow pain, TMJ, and migraines,” says Jennifer. “It is common for clients to come in who have been in pain for weeks, months and even years. They are referred to me by doctors and physical therapists.” Jennifer takes great joy in seeing her clients return to normal activities and be relieved of their pain. “I have the best relationship with my clients, I care about their health not just when they are here for massage therapy but beyond, in their daily lives.”

Balance n Bodywork Massage Therapy is not a spa but a high quality massage studio offering quality care in a safe, nurturing, therapeutic environment. Jennifer concludes, “Our focus is to decrease muscular pain and tension while assisting in healing, improving circulation and teaching body education.”