Jen’s background in physical therapy is invaluable to her role as massage therapist. She understands not only how to address pain, stiffness, soreness and injury through massage, but can show you stretches and other tips to maintain the benefits of the massage after you leave her office. I have come to learn that regular massage is just as important as regular visits to the doctor — it keeps your muscles healthy and helps address all those everyday aches and pains. My quality of life is certainly better! – AG-Hingham


“I have had back issues, specifically lower back, hip and nerve pain, for many years. Unfortunately, for many years I basically ignored these issues except for massages when it was unbearable. This strategy wasn’t sustainable and I ended up with a herniated disc and chronic nerve and muscular pain. At the time that I met and started seeing Diana, I had been treating my issues for about a year with chiropractic and spinal care, with only some improvement. Diana was knowledgeable, caring, and literally got right to the issues! I have been seeing her regularly for a while now and she is one of the reasons I have been…

MG – Hingham

Oh my gosh, where to begin….I have been seeing Jen off and on for a couple of years now and Jen is absolutely GREAT! When no one else can get to the deepest layer of pain, Jen is able to. I deal with chronic neck and shoulder strain and there is no one else I’d rather go to. I highly recommend Balance and Bodywork for the best results! … VP- Hingham

VP- Hingham

I first came to see Jen when I began dealing with some IT Band and Achilles Tendon issues while training for a marathon. As a fitness professional I was apprehensive at first to the benefits of massage. I was completely blown away with her knowledge base. As I spoke with Jen she informed me that she went to school to be a physical therapy assistant and went into massage after because she thought the benefits were more beneficial. As she began my treatment I was blown away at the results. I would never have been able to complete my race…

A.M. Scituate

As a result of chronic back and neck issues and on the advice of my chiropractor, I started seeing Jennifer on a regular basis three years ago. Her friendly demeanor professionalism, athletic experience and genuine concern made her a perfect fit. After a few introductory visits, Jennifer gently suggested a plan to address my health issues, advised me on some healthier lifestyle choices, as well as introduced me to other health professionals. Now, I workout regularly, am training for my first half-marathon, am eating healthier and I haven’t needed to see my chiropractor in over a year… Thanks Jen –…

B.B. Hingham, MA

I have been going to Jen on and off for several years. She is an amazing massage therapist and very in tune to your body. I suffer from neck and shoulder pain and she manages to get me feeling great in no time! I highly recommend an 80 minute massage. You won’t be disappointed!- E.B. Hingham. MA

E.B. Hingham. MA

I think you are great. You helped me get back on my feet after a long recovery from knee surgery. You were professional, upbeat and kind. I really appreciated how knowledgeable you are, you have a healing touch! S.M. Cohasset, MA

S.M. Cohasset, MA

Just to begin: Balance n body work massage is so peaceful and relaxing. You walk in the door close it and all that troubles you is just starting to leave you. The welcome is exactly what you need. The massage is the message to stop thinking, just relax and be where you are. When all is done the beginning of a new day has just started. Thanks for what you do and know that visiting is always the best. PB…Hingham, MA

PB…Hingham, MA

I have going to Jen for years & now we go to Florida for the winter……..so………… I have not be able to find anyone in our area that can hold a candle to Jen & how good I feel after a one hour massage. If I could, I would fly back once a month just to go to Balance & Body Works. Thanks Jen….miss you…! LB…Hingham/Vero Beach

LB…Hingham/Vero Beach